Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Child's Destiny

illogical password blocker failWell today (at 40 minutes past midnight) I was allocated my new secondary school. It was in no way a surprise as the council told us to ask for it and we did. In the holidays we will walk there at my walking pace, to determine the best route (fairly obvious) and find out how long it takes (15 minutes?). It's a whopping 250 metres further away than my current school. Facebook was full of discussions from parents.
Anyway, Child A got a Red Card today for blarting at a teacher, where you make the big fart noise on your arm. And Child B got one for booing a fellow student and making her lose her confidence. Nobody's mentioned the Lego League yet, but we did have a press-up competition in PE where the PE teacher did 46 in 30 seconds which was way more than us kids.
At home, Grandad phoned me which makes both of us happy, and Bud put some more money in my account so I must be a millionaire by now.

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