Friday, 3 March 2017

StarGarden Productions, Inc.

clothes drawer with secret compartment Happy Friday!
Gardening after-school lessons started again and MmmLucy and I were the stars of the show, unloading a massive sack of compost into the free-standing giant tub outside Reception. We put in 3 wheelbarrow-loads and it's still only 3/4 full. We have offered some seeds from a special plant that shouldn't be consumed, the teacher really wants them, but it's still a bit cold for this architecturally interesting display plant from a warmer climate to germinate.
In PE I had to plead damaged ribs. Yesterday I was attacking Bud and his defence mechanism was a torso-grip with both legs and my intercostals are feeling it today. When will I learn (rhetorical).
I have discovered that acting buddy Sydney will be going to my next school, along with about 300 other faces I know.

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