Wednesday, 22 March 2017

'Ere 'Ere

fast food man fat bastardUnderwent the usual roundelay of mathematical conundra and English constructions, all designed to ensure that when I grow up, I have Friends with Benefits, not Friends on Benefits. In PE, Benchball is popular with the whole class and today my team won, with me getting the winning catch! If only I was a little taller.
And in the afternoon I got a very annoying earache, not brought on by being castigated by termagants, or chatted to by Grandad for 30 minutes. He taught me more about π. I'd already done co-ordinates in maths so he enjoyed hearing about that and my acting and Scouting but not the amusing back gate incident, I don't think he knows words that modern.
Later we watched the end of Matrix II which was too long to see in one sitting. The remainder lasted 3 minutes. But St Neots saved Trinitrotoluene by removing a virtual bullet and Morphines' ship was blown up by some mechanical octopi. So for no reason whatsoever, here is a man who knows what he loves and is deliberately expanding his artistic body canvas.

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