Saturday, 4 March 2017

More than just a Token Effort

Up at 1030, because of why not. I look forward to Saturdays because I have the option of hours and hours of screentime, and I was just doing that when I was forced to eat breakfast at about noon.
market tax tokens crowns mitads notgeldI have approximately 600 tokens in my coin collection and here they are in some new transparent wallet things that are nice and easy to use but actually totally pants because they don't hold the token in properly and you have to have the folder on an upward slope so they don't keep falling out. Meanwhile we listened to the Alan Parsons Project, never found out what the project was.
Then I did acting. I am doing Wind In The Willows and also Under Milk Wood, and I am going to be a comedy genius. I have some epic lines, bodacious props, and I have to be a postman who rings the doorbell, I answer the door to myself, take the letter from myself, and then pass it to myself in the house, wearing a variety of wigs and hats to change character mid-sentence. Might as well just eat the special mushrooms now, srsly, ffs.
Later, I was just playing on my tablet when Jof said it's 630, why haven't you had lunch. Bad father. Watched Kindergarten Cop which was cut, f***ing pathetic if you ask me. Jof brought home a box of random foreign or damaged coins that were in the 'Don't know what to do with it' box at her work. That's 22 new coins into my collection, hooray.

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