Sunday, 12 March 2017

Cake for Breakfast

cinnamon cafe winter road southseaGot up with an 11 in it and the fridge was empty. We could have eaten in the supermarket café while the shopping was being done but I opted for a roadside café a little nearer home. In the end we walked bleedin' miles to one that Jof had seen called the Cinnamon Café.
The food was nice if slow, I had a jacket potato. But the one complaint we both had, was that we were still hungry. So on the long trek home we popped into the Co-Op and bought chocolate and biscuits and cake, if your breakfast doesn't have a cake course you're just not trying.
Later I challenged Jof to 3 hours of Minecraft and I filled her house full of chickens and set fire to it with a Rain of Lava. She is quite good at chopping trees but I'm much better at everything.
schoolkid maths fail scribbled radiusOne of my maths homework questions was draw a radius inside the circle printed on the page. So I did a radius, discovered it was a diameter, scrubbed out the excess radius and re-did the first radius a few times to make sure. Problem was, it now looked like a set of traffic lights on fire, and Bud made me draw my own circle and do it again. Spoilsport, surely 4 radii are better than one?

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