Friday, 10 March 2017

A Lode of Bustards

steel roof beams collapse workplace accident failI am becoming a creature of habit (no, I'm not a Monk) with my little bijou task-ettes getting me to and from school. Daily I collect my pre-prepared lunch from the refrigerator and insert within a freezer-pack, and at the end of the day, dutifully unpack it all again and close the curtains and almost get dressed before going on my tablet. I pay my gardening subs (green fees?) and bring home the school letters, almost training myself for a life of commuting to a non-descript job in Croydon, while leaving notes for the wife asking for new socks. These peas are nice, aren't they, Norma?
And today I got 9/10 in the spelling test because I wrote wednesday. What a load of bustards. And we played cricket in PE and Bud got home before me and Jof came, saw, and went right back out again to a work party. So I was free to do as I wished. Do I look bovvered?

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