Friday, 24 March 2017

Crimson Nasal Comedy Day 2017

red nose on penis costumeslippery staircase fail funnySo we were allowed to wear red clothes and noses if we paid a quid to Comic Relief. I did this and wore my Navy top. In PE we did cricket again but I'm not a natural batsperson and didn't hit many balls so all the sporty types jeered and laughed and taunted and I still didn't throw my bat at them.
The parents say that when the sporty types get 2/10 in maths I have to say well the country will always need drivers for the bin lorries and those nice people that say hello and welcome to walmart.
Later I met Sham and Okely Dokely online (on phones) for some gaming action and Bud went to the pub with all the people from his old work. I have to get some rest tonight because it's all about to kick off tomorrow.

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