Monday, 6 March 2017

The Olive Tree

geography lesson from grandadToday the teachers decided they needed more training and had a day off. Thus, I was free to adopt groovy new hairstyles, religious beliefs and Malaysian children. I did none of the above, but went to see Grandad instead.
Getting there earlier than expected, we had to ask some builders for the entry code on the main gate, and a facilities maintenance man opened the door for us so we didn't have to remember that code either.
Grandad enjoys teaching me maths and geography so he took over from my existing slumbering teachers and we did parallelograms and the international date line and I worked out that the Earth spins 15 degrees an hour, so was able to work out the time in Toronto and Ho Chi Minh City, as you do. He also told me off for being tall, and didn't notice that I yawned copiously during his lesson.
grove place nursling swimming pool
And we looked up the walking route to my new school on the map even though my school isn't marked on it. I always use his swimming pool (I'm not allowed to use the gym) so I played and splashed and floated and threw all the pool floats around for 40 minutes while the adults talked about boring stuff and then we drove into town for lunch.
I was feeling hungry by then which is why I'm sulking in the picture with the miniature daffodils and the Elizabethan mansion. We ate at The Olive Tree pub which had a very fancy menu - too fancy for me - and my fish and chips came with a Jenga-style stack of chips like railway sleepers and Bud had coleslaw in a mini frying pan and Grandad had chips in a tin mug.
grove place nursling retirement village
Then I bought new shoes from a branch of Clarks where the sales staff seemed glum, and visited 8 charity shops and got DVDs and a red nose. We needed more time really but we had to get the car to the garage so we took some wood and pinecones for the Scout campfire and hastened home where I plugged myself into Youtube immediately, until Scouts.

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