Thursday, 9 March 2017

The Return of the King

dachshund with giant stickA pretty normal day at school although it is getting test-heavier every day as the dreaded SATs approach. I don't actually dread them, but you're supposed to, apparently.
I got my lowest ever score in a maths test because Child A came in late and distracted us and Child B keeps turning round and talking to me however many Red Cards he gets, because he can't hear the teacher telling him to face front because he's talking.
arcadian a&s stoke on trent pottery transfer printedAnd the Head Teacher gave us some good news to take our minds off the upcoming exams. Firstly, we'll all go to London again and visit something called "The West End" where we will see the Lion King musical on one of the giant stages I should be on.
Then, we will all put on our own version of the Lion King with our own sets and costumes and maybe some new songs and lyrical rewrites. Of course, there will be auditions, and I've got my eye on a particular role. I've done the Lion King at my own Theatre and the songs at the other one so hopefully I'll be successful. I go to acting classes after the teachers saw my performance in the school play and told me to join a theatre, so it's all their fault really.
And for no reason, here is a small Edwardian pottery souvenir from the Arcadian factory (Stoke-on-Trent) with a Portsmouth crest and Southsea banner, that I just happened to obtain from a charity shop in Romsey last week with Grandad.

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