Thursday, 30 March 2017

System of a Clown

prison tattoo fail spellingAt last, we got some of our Mock SAT results: I got 68/75 which is all very well, I only need, like, 20 on the next one to get myself an 'Exceeding' but it's still not as good as Child A, our class maths guru. He got 75/75 and will probably go on to write the code that gets the SexBot 3000 into the White House, both behind and under the Oval Office desk, mmm.
Anyway, my Scoutmaster asked kids who did the city camp last weekend to write up a report on it for the newsletter and I gathered a few facts and opinions together, in rough, so that I could make a decent article for it. But mostly I wanted to watch Youtube videos because Jof went swimming and I know I've got a busy time of it over the next few days.

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