Sunday, 5 March 2017

Accessory to Moider

milton park southsea play areaDragged myself out of bed at tennish but did challenge Bud to a walk around the park later, because even thinking about parks is exercise, right?
So in the supermarket he got me a laundry bucket to keep my theatrical costume and props in when doing the Wind in the Willows and then he reminded me of my possibly-too-casual park invitation.
Got there in between rainy outbursts and instantly met Nicole from my class and Flynn who has been my school-friend for 7 years and his very very angry kid brother Cosmo, who has not been a school-friend so much as an angry buzzing thing orbiting Flynn, this time in a dragon onesie, not kidding.
Now, obviously I have never actually lived in the park but I have spent an awful lot of time there over the years and so it was nice to meet known faces on a damp mid-winter Sunday.
no cycling on southsea promenade signWe swung Flynn on the swinging basket while Cosmology threw wood-chips at him and we climbed and slid and bounced and I helped hold Flynn down while Cosmic killed him, making me an accomplice to murder most foul, nice to do it in real life for a change rather than just on the stage. Apart from that time when *clears throat dramatically* well never mind that.
Now, all sorts of things wash up on the beaches or get left at the side of the roads, and an enterprising young man could pick up all sorts of funny things that Jof will tell us off for bringing home cos of boring, and we got one of those today.
All along the seafront are those big blue metal bins with a do-not-cycle-here sign attached on both sides. Normally I just cycle on past, ignoring them. But today one had detached itself and fallen off, so we swiped it, every house-about-town should have a reflective sign telling you where you store your bikes: so now we have one in the garage. It now shines eerily at you as you open the back door. It was unattended, officer, just like the £5 note found on the pavement outside the chemist.

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