Thursday, 23 March 2017

Beast from the 4th Declension

when you get your tax return and start buying stupid shitUsual stuff, 17/20 in the maths test. When I got home I got the pizza ready because sometimes I am almost human. I needed an early supper because of another Wind-in-the-Willows rehearsal and we got there dead on time.
I still haven't got my costume sorted but given the amount of actors, that's not surprising. We went through various scenes and I read in for missing players and I loved the Gangster Weasels, very threatening in their ninja outfits. We also have a comic scene where Hedgehog gets run over by a car.
scene of terror attacks march 2017 london Speaking of which, the heavily armed Policepersons were again in evidence outside all our naval bases and similar terrorist targets following the incident in London yesterday. I have stood on that bridge many times and looked through those same railings: and I'll be going back.
Taking Sydney home from acting, she again farted as she got out of the car. I am not sure if this is a deliberate policy or she just can't help it.

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