Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Wigged and Measured (and found wanting)

wicked witch of the west broomstickspiderman helium balloon penis attachmentWell, it's just the same old story nowadays. We didn't get the results of our tests, and got set some more tests. When will we ever find out whether we shall sweep the roads of the future, or design them?
And then it was panic. I'd forgotten about the Theatre Showcase, and I got 1 hour's notice that the final dress rehearsal was upon us. That gave me 12 minutes to eat my pasta before Sydney arrived for a lift to the venue.
groundlings theatre portsmouth drama schoolBut I still managed to play the Vikkid Vitch of the Vest with a particularly long cardboard tube destined for the next Scout camp, and then we were off!
With only a small detour to avoid armed police blocking off a road by the naval sports facility, we got there laughing and got changed into some of our funnier costumes.
Bud got roped into helping make the set which is this giant double-panelled device that swings open in the middle and represents Toad Hall.
groundlings theatre portsmouth stage setSo here are some of us in costume: I demanded to wear the big silver wig and there's my bucket'O'props in the foreground.
And we practised our lines and watched the age group below us and they were really good. 3 hours later, we were on the way home and the phrase 'to be fair, to be sure' in an Oirish accent came up in normal conversation and that's when Sydney couldn't stop laughing. So of course I went on about potatoes and schnell schnell Kartoppelkopfs and cherrybombs and fluffbutts in very silly voices until she hyperventilated and ruptured internally and had even less control over her rectal sphincter than usual. So it was a giggly end to a very good day, apart from when I was measured against the bedroom door to find I'd only grown 3 millimetres in the last 3 months.

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