Sunday, 19 March 2017

11 Hours of Snöre*

twisted corkscrew willow tree salixBy the time I got up this morning, I'd managed 11 hours' sleep. Not bad for someone who's not yet a teenager.
I have very few duties per se, so I renegotiated down to only 1 homework, and helped unpack the shopping one item at a time. This left me righteously able to Minecraft, Youtube, Spore and fritter away the day while spring tried to arrive outside. This is our twisty-willow tree (not weeping-willow) with its first baby leaves of the season: soon the city will be bedecked with Devil's Lettuce and Diviner's Sage once more. Yes, I'm still in pyjamas.

* Snöre is a Swedish sweetie, that comes in the form of brightly coloured shoelaces (10 metres of Snöre!)

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