Thursday, 2 March 2017

You won't like me when I'm Hungry

instructions were unclear kid in plane failFound a £1 coin on the way home from school. I do not expect to get jailed for this, or otherwise pointlessly harassed by an already overworked Police department. Recently a lady was busted for picking up a £20 note from the floor of a shop and pocketing it. It's possible that more of a hoo-hah was made because it was a £20, people probably wouldn't care if it was one of those measly little 5ps.
Now, admittedly, most of the money I find (or is found on my behalf by family members) is off the pavement or similar and therefore un-owned, but a decent proportion has come from shops, because that is one of the places wallets and purses are accessed, and sometimes a coin will fall to the floor and go under the tinned tuna display, from which my questing fingers can rescue it, sometimes using a pen, because I make the effort.
Over the last 12 years, the sum total of monies discovered from such places exceeds £1,580. Shall I expect a call from Her Majesty's Lord High Executioner, asking me for my neck measurement?
kid vacuums loungeIn school we had a quiz and my team came 5th: prizes were awarded to the top 4 teams. Also it was dress-up-as-a-book-character day and I liked the boy in the dress and the mad scientist. I didn't dress up.
Anyway, Bud had a job interview today in which the Personnel lady said sorry, we've already given the job to someone else. Upon hearing this, I went 'Hah hahh' like Nelson Muntz in the Simpsons. Apparently this was the wrong response. So I beat him up on the sofa until he fed me scotch egg and ham and crisps and grapes. When's supper?
Later I generously helped hoover in return for chocolate.

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