Saturday, 18 March 2017


groundlings theatre drama school acting academyLast night I was commanded to get a good 10 hours + of sleep to try and help me recover from my cough and the tough week us 11 year-olds have. But somehow my heart just wasn't in it and I got up at a sensible time. The morning was passed in quiet solitude with a sturdy breakfast and the great god Youtube, who supplies my every need in return for daily devotion.
Meanwhile, more wood was provided for the Scout campfire, Ricin seeds were planted, and all the other little things that us chaps never notice happened in the background. In Acting we got to use the main stage which cheered us up no end, and we planned our performance of Under Milk Wood with choreography and costume changes and stuff.
16th century house former pubI'm still coughing. On the way out, Sydney nicked a dog toy from the lost property and we fought over it all the way home resulting in 2 miles of giggles. On the way, we all went oooo at the 16th century house on the High Street that is up for sale (£1.5 million) with big chunks of history thrown in free. Called the Greyhound Pub in 1523, it still has a bar in its basement.
And we've got 3 new Schwarzenegger movies to watch (Conan the Destroyer, Expendables 2 and 3) but first I want the next 2 Matrices. Matrix 'Reloaded' was so long I had to go to bed before the end.

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