Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Triangles of Lurve

expectations fail chocolate barJof gave me a lift into school today because of my large (but empty) cardboard box we'll be using as a table. She had forgotten just how bad the school run is, with suicidal kids and parents wandering around in the roads, most of which are one-way and all of them packed. Then my project team members asked for another box.
For English today we split into threesomes and wrote opening sentences to an imaginary story as detailed by the teacher. As a discrete yet indiscreet group of kids, we have been together for some years now and in one form or another, each triumvirate seems to be a love triangle of unrequired passion, just not up to the level of Rita, Sue and Bob. In the end, my opening Stanza was selected to represent our group and we won the popular vote, hurrah.
minecraft figurines chest block torchIn the afternoon Jof tortured me by taking me pants shopping. I will grudgingly admit it's slightly better than not in fact having any pants, but only just. I have been highly trained in the masculine art of being passively dragged around a clothing store, looking chided, bored and colicky all in one face. But I did eat 2 apples on the way round, possibly also a Y chromosome-based inherited characteristic. I also made sure I was awarded a set of Minecraft figurines as a reward for having pants that fit.

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