Monday, 13 March 2017

A Park with Investment Potential

beaver wiener names failWell, right now, school is a collision of conflicting emotions. I look forward to it - and dread it. We will be doing a project on the Second World War and as such, will be having an Evacuees fayre. Also, we have to present mini-projects on our stalls in our allocated teams, I have 'Rationing'. Bud said that we should have an empty jar and say guess the number of sweeties in the Jar, win sixpence, but I think it's stupid. But so does Child A, who never shuts up. In fact, you can tell him to shut up while both teachers are telling him to shut up, and he will turn his chair round so he can talk to me more easily. I am looking forward to being in a different school.
minecraft t shirt milton park portsmouthPark Monday began (again) today and this time it worked brilliantly. The weather was acceptable, I took Ben home and we got to the park on time, then Robert and I came back to mine and raided the food cupboard, definitely putting a certain someone in charge of the plantation, lucky we'd bought all that cake yesterday. And we went back and we ran around and played football with varying degrees of success and Erin joined us and so did half of my class and, at one point, 4 Puddle-adults. Johnny told me about their sperms project and how they drew nuclear-powered jet engines on them to make them go faster, or gave them 'Blast' capability to kill all other sperms.
doing the scout promise on the flagAt Scouts I had Hurting Leg Syndrome and I stood dutifully for 25 minutes waiting for the rest of the Pack to shut up. Even when they were being told to shut up they discussed being told to shut up, danced, swayed, poked each other and blathered. It cannot just be me: I am surrounded by babblers.
In the end we discussed making a film for a badge and I got the Model Makers Badge and got invested, which is where you make the Scout Promise in front of a god of your choice to be a good Scout and help old ladies cross the road and stuff. Flynn told me all about 2 spiders having sex in a hole in the brickwork by his front door. Do you think we'd get a badge if we did a film about that?

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