Friday, 31 March 2017

Old MacDonald Had a Fail

kids playing with fire failA much better day at school. Recently it has not been so good because my year-group are still a bunch of immature kids that mess about and call me a bookworm when I say shut up I'm trying to study here.
Having finished our mock exams, we had some spare time and used up 2 free hours running around in the park. In Gardening we did a whole lot of weeding because we're going to plant potatoes (in an Oirish accent) which will have to feed the Year 3s next year so we need a lot.
And when I got home I did exactly what I was supposed to do and got changed into my acting stuff and got my acting bag ready and so forth, and was waiting by the front door for when Bud got home. I told him I'd had some fruit but when he said O so you should be able to prove that by showing me the wrapper in the bin, then, my lie was uncovered and I took a banana in guilt. How come these stupid adults are cleverer than me?
My rehearsal started at 5 so the plan was (thank you, Jof) to have a McDonalds to eat in the car on the way to the theatre: so at least I had some hot food in me, to fund my exertions for the 4 1/2 hour rehearsal.
loft attic garage lockup find coins But the queue for the drive-thru stretched back onto the main road, and we knew it was futile, much like resistance. So we went back to Little Tesco and got my favourite tuna'n'cucumber sandwiches in about 12 seconds, and that was better, cheaper and healthier.
And during a conversation about Lithuanian coins (as you do) at his work, Bud was approached by an old bloke who said I've got a bucket of old coins, you can have them for the kid's collection. Amazing what you can get if you ask nicely. So here is a joblot of random world coins of indeterminate value.
Meanwhile, I was rehearsing. But after 4 hours, I simply ran out of energy and they phoned home just as Jof was parking up ready to retrieve me. I luxuriated in the shower (video not available) and fell into bed. Syd spent £1600 on an operation for her dog, could have bought a whole flock of dogs for that.

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