Sunday, 31 July 2016

The Floral Dance

trough of flowering annuals school projectI'm really getting into this holiday lark now. Again, I had to be forced to get dressed and have foodstuffs and sweetmeats, cheesy comestibles and extra Pringles.
Some weeks ago, we planted seeds at school and watched the plants grow: I took home my peas and they grew happily in the big pot in the corner until snails ate them. But I also requested my own flower-garden (one day I'll have a real garden again) so I chose some simple annuals and we planted them up and left them to get on with it.
home grown cannabis plant and kidThe cornflowers are out, as are the marigolds and some white things: several large weeds have been removed (you don't want to grow weed) and we suspect that the tall thing in the middle is another one. That reminds me of a time about 4 years ago when I visited a friend and he'd been growing flowers all summer - and it turned out to have been a weed the whole time! Gosh, bet he felt like a big old silly.
Now, I know that the entire world is down on the sunny seafront either watching the free music festival or the bikini parade. But I've just got my new month's allocation of data so I'm spending some quality sofatime watching Youtube videos of Americans hatching Pokémon eggs.
I tried to outlast them but 'Skyfall' came on just at the wrong time and goodness me, this James Bond series could be a watcher.

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