Thursday, 7 July 2016

Nil Carborundum Illegitimi

insane psychiatrist cartoon funnyHooray! We've finished the stop-motion photography project. I got to bring home my last Lego Olympians and we get free lessons now, waiting for other groups to catch up. But we're only allowed to play Sumdog which is a real downer.
Played British Bulldogs, Child A insulted me, new enemy there.
Fell over in a doorway, people laughed. More to add to the Kill-List. Really looking forward to moving house to Taplow. Or Peru. Or Yemen.
Swimming was wonderful. Our teacher was sick and they couldn't find a backup teacher so the pool staff got all the floats out and said carry on at your leisure centre, so I dived and paddled and floated and we threw polo balls at each other and it was great.
But then there was a spat about having to have fruit before chocolate and it's all back to square one.
What does the future hold? Can we cope? Do we want to?

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