Sunday, 24 July 2016

Trump Towers

asmodee hotel tycoon board game monopoly ripoffWoke up closer to 10am today, normally I'm up early to watch Americans argue over Minecraft tactics but maybe I'm practising to be a teenager. I have had a mildly busy time of it recently so chose to do nothing. I only just got dressed - nothing wrong with pants - and played Lego and watched Simpsons and Minecrafted merrily. I eschewed the chance to go to the park and play Poke Mongo even though apparently somebody caught a Strewth, 2 Dagnabbits and a Kukukachu all in the same bush. Jof challenged me to 'Hotel' which is a property game in which you amass a portfolio of upgradeable buildings and charge rent for anyone landing on your hotels. I usually spend all my money too quickly but Jof is always malleable. Bud cooked supper which was dull and small so Jof had to put extra chips in the oven.

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