Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Gonads, Going, Gone!

chichester cathedral main towerOne could say that technically, it isn't the first day of the summer holidays because it's an "Inset Day", the teacher-training day in which we are all absolutely sure that they spend 8 hours training and preparing syllabus updates and not studying the effects of gin and tonic on a really hot day.
But it wasn't hot. I had planned a 'Nonchalant Beach Day' in which there were no plans of any kind to meet on the beach and play in the sea, it's just that if anybody who was already at the beach happened to bump into anybody else, then it would be churlish not to combine forces, and you know how I hate to churl.
So given the change of weather, we had a change of plan and a trip to the big swimming pool in Chichester, which I had already checked out with Bud last year so it was guaranteed OK. The flume-waterslide wasn't operational but the pool is deep and I think that the children of Chichester work harder for longer hours that we do, for it was fairly empty and we dived and quacked and swam and found food in The Cloisters café. We got an outside table because of the numerous old bats (Elder-Fledermausen are often to be found in or around old cathedrals. They occupy the inside seating areas in twittering droves, leaving biscuit crumbs, a layer of bat-guano and the hint of carbolic soap wherever they hang out) and that's when we found the weather getting steadily hotter.
I took a selfie on Jof's phone to prove my location and then demanded we try Poke Mongo on it, which everyone else in the world plays except me. It worked. I had a quick tour of the medieval paddocks of Chichester and caught several Pokies.
southsea seafront swimming wartime boom concrete blocks
Back at home, we'd decided to go to the beach after all as the mercury was rising in Taurus in the east, and we picked up Bud and all went and got into the sea. It was quite cold and initially you get severe testicular retraction but we got used to it after weeing in it to warm it up, a trick us chaps used last Sunday. Jof is allergic to seaweed so we hardly threw any at her at all, but us chaps swam out to the Green Marker Pole on the blocks of the old wartime boom, and the sideways tidal rip tried to get us but we were too strong. A lone RNLI guy on a canoe (who I know from a school presentation) watched over us as hordes of generously filled bikinis abounded in the sunlight although I still don't appreciate them.
I played Poke Mungo-hunting on the beach, all the way to the pier and back, and caught lots of imaginary cyber-beasties on Jofs' phone. I messed with the root directory a little and added a keystroke_logger.exe subroutine hidden in a partitioned SQL subfolder, did I mention I got a 1 in computers? Meanwhile, a cruise ship drifted past which may have a bearing on future posts. We got home sandy and tired with pink skin and everything is awesome ...

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