Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Charles Babbage Indifference Engine

jump trick win parkourcar fire destroyed writeoffAt last! The last day of school, school's out for summer, ra ra etc. We watched each others' Olympic bijou filmettes and watched a film and generally mulled and milled, but not Meldrew or Mulder. We got to play games and Okeley Dokely had one where you're trying to tunnel out of Colditz but the Goons can move the exits by adding tiles.
groundlings theatre portsmouth boat chairsI brought home as much of my schoolwork as my Sherpa could carry, but the literacy book is being retained by the school as a reference book for the Year 3s: they liked my piece on animation. I marked the end of Year 5 with a slight sob and a scoot home in the baking sun. Speaking of burning hot, here's a dead car we found. I said it looked like a Terminator had landed recently, leaving that bubble of alternate reality that burns all within its timely radius.
Tonight is my rehearsal so I got my black costume together and noted that I may die of heat exhaustion wearing it so took shorts as well. My group got a second scene to act and I play a ghost suspended in the air looking like a giant bald egg (unlike all those giant hairy eggs) and there was delay on the microphone so my lip synch was out until it short-circuited a bit and I went Blaart when actually I'd said Simba.
I had no spare time at all to play on the tablet because I was helping the younger members, for I am a pro, if only I could sing like Sydney. And to cap it all, the TV is filming there in a couple of weeks and I'll be there, another 10-hour day. We took a couple of boxes of wood offcuts for the Scouts and I got home pink and smiling, like a victorious ninja, or a Johnny Cash Avenger. All in a day's work, whatever, dude.

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