Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Biggest Rat you'll ever meet

collection of copper pencil sharpeners chineseOK. Now the stage show is getting serious. There are about 8 scenes and we've been through the first 4 loads of times and we can now do them without scripts. Of course, I find that very easy because my speaking role (Big Chief Wonga) doesn't appear until near the end so they gave me the additional non-speaking role of 'Rat' who comes on twice and scurries around looking up skirts and nibbling kneecaps. My specific stage directions are to cause some low-level mayhem (have experience, will travel) and I don't have to wear make-up (sufficiently rodentiform already).
At home, we went over some of my potential crowd-pleasers like the mad gesticulation and the slash-slash-stab with added booyah. In a post-shower tussle I made a wet butt-print on the wall for future generations to savour, maybe like the Blarney Stone. Here is a glass-fronted display cabinet that Bud bought off some old dear selling car-boot goodies out of her front door, as you do. It does do quite well for my collection of copper pencil sharpeners, everyone needs a hobby.

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