Saturday, 30 July 2016

Martians and Minions

fratton swing park st marys road railwayWoke up at 930 and the first thing he said was 'We're going out' so I grumped. This lasted quite well and was compounded when my phone wouldn't log on to Poké Mongo because it denied there were any GPS satellites, or even a signal. Thus I slouched along the mean streets looking at the ground, like a penguin who has lost his egg and knows the wife will be back soon.
Stopping only to get hugely interesting things like printer cartridges, I sulked my way to the Academy for Girls where I hope to go in Year 7 and only then did I start to talk non-stop about the vegetable patches they have there, how they sold a beetroot for £20 and bought rust remover for the kitchen saucepans with the proceeds, all valuable life lessons. But then we found blackberries by the railway and coins under the see-saw and the man in Tesco fixed my phone and it all got better. I saw 'The Martian' with Matt Damon and then the Minions film with cake and biscuits and chocolate oranges and it's almost as if I'm on holiday. Later, I saw "The Long Kiss Goodnight" (18) and laughed at the exploding bridges but didn't like the water-wheel torture. Didn't stop me having a pillow-fight and getting to bed at 1215, who cares about this midnight thing anyway.

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