Thursday, 28 July 2016

Caught 'em All: Foontling Turlingdromes

News reaches me that some enterprising chap has filled his Pokédex. This means he has all 142 of the imaginary Pokémon creatures released in the UK, as well as a US-only demon that he hatched from an egg. He has been playing it non-stop since the game was released, trawling the parks of Southampton, where he probably walked past me last week. Perhaps he is otherwise ... unemployed.
where to run away from home
Couldn't get out of cycling to work today and of course, it was fine once I'd started. We worked very hard indeed at our performances and saw our costumes. Mine has a leopard-skin overlay with feathery hat and flames coming out of my legs. It's good to be the King. But Sydney reckons her outfit is better, we always want to out-do each other. That's when I nearly starved to death because Bud hardly put any food at all into my lunchbag. I don't care that it was a direct response to me only eating the snacks yesterday and leaving the actual food, but I'm registering a grievance. Plus, I only got 2 drinks, so my micturations were as plurdled gabbleblotchits on a lurgid bee, especially in this weather. We decided to run away. Syd will seek asylum in Cuba, and I will make my way overland to Greece, for a better life.

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