Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Harry Lonsdale: Prom King

engrish funny t shirtToday we walked to the secondary school up the road and saw their school play. It was about life in one possible future, in the 24th century where an evil woman dictator with a pointy nose and a blue handbag wanted a third glorious decade of total law enforcement, and had banned all forms of music.
schoolboy standing on radiator in assembly hallIn the end, the footloose new kid on the block discovered the lost legendary guitar of freedom, struck a heroic pose with awkward trousering, and struck a heroic power chord with major 9th and reverb and it was so loud, it brought everyone back to life and the evil dictatoress lost her marbles.
Then Jof told me to help prepare the assembly hall for the Year 6 Leaver's Disco. They had just finished an hour of PE so the hall was an oppressive miasmic fug of disturbingly suspicious Eau de Ninety 11 year-olds so we opened the windows a lot.
Then we moved the trestle tables and the benches and found the Prom King robes and I tried them on and waved the nob-on-a-stick and we found the Prom Queen's robes with added fluffy pink trim and I declined the chance to look transglamtastic.
prom king robes and maceAnd we got the ballot boxes out and looked at the DJ's playlist, good luck with that lot, and made paper chains and hung them in the windows and put up a sheet for the photo booth and it was all rather fun really.
Met Jof briefly and went to my last swimming lesson. It's just too hard, it actually hurts, all that ploughing up and down getting exercise. Apparently my priorities might change in the next few years and I might make the effort to look trim for the ladies but until then, Minecraft it is.

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