Monday, 4 July 2016

Hot Seat Handover: Disorientation

meon junior school year 6 classroommichaelangelo david statue penisToday we got introduced to our new classmates, in our new classrooms, by our new teachers. This was not too complicated as my current class is all going up together, into the classroom by the Art room, with a teacher that we all know anyway.
drug use in junior schoolBut the streets were full of pupils wearing the wrong uniform and in the wrong place and all the local schools swarmed with wide-eyed pupils looking lost. We discovered that some of our friends had younger and madder siblings, and we learned the new rules for Year 6, including no talking and no wandering aimlessly around, which may prove problematic. One of our topics to look forward to is drugs, and homelessness. Perhaps they can be combined. Additionally, my new short trousers are epic. They show off my perfect knees, not the Betty Davis types of my associates. In a bizarre twist, the school is insisting we wear school uniform. I won't be able to wear my fleece and the guy who only ever wears his theatre hoodie is in for a shock.
milton st james scouting group
In Scouts we got new leather woggles to mark the centenary of Cub Scouting and I am enjoying being in charge. Today James officially moved up to Big Scouts so he performed the sombre ceremony of bouncing across the room on a bright orange Space Hopper while I held the Group flag. Because of the Scouting Summer Holiday I will have to wait until September before I can go through this transitional and traditional coming-of-age ritual.

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