Monday, 25 July 2016

Chief Assistant to the Assistant Chief

kings theatre albert road southseaHooray for Monday! Few people say that. But today I start a week-long theatrical course at a rival theatre with the chance to cavort onstage at the end, and have it filmed. Hopefully the cameraman won't be asleep and miss my lines like he did last year.
Anyway, they were chillaxed about the start time as before, meaning loads of parents loitering outside the Stage Door glancing nervously at their watches. Having used the tradesmen's entrance, we assembled and auditioned and parts were handed out. Sydney got a really big part and another member of my drama group is there and I got the smaller role of Tribal Chieftain 'Wonga' although I do have a pivotal identity crisis just as the fat bird is limbering up, and plenty of opportunity for grandstanding. We had lunch in the park and played tag and it was quite a long day in the end.

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