Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Intergalactic Planet-Killing Gun

Up late after another amusing football match last night, and we'd been so efficient at emptying the fridge before the weekly trip to the supermarket, Jof and I had to drive to the supermarket to have breakfast.
making minecart railways minecraftMeanwhile, Bud drove to a different supermarket to do the actual shopping. Such is the fate of families with obsessive habits. Then again, when Jof buys perfectly good food at Giant Tesco, I always say it doesn't taste like the Sainsbury stuff and reject it.
So, having stolen most of Jof's plateful, I sat and read a book while she purchased weird stuff to go into goody-bags for the Year 6 party and the stinky tarpaulin was dropped off at the tip and then Oakley-Dokely came round to help me play Minecraft. We built our own world and spent 3 hours making mine-tramways and not going to the park in the lovely weather.
Then we had a competition to shoot my colossal Nerf guns at the planets on the solar system poster, with increasing points for smaller planetoids, Mercury was, like, 10 points. Poor old Iceland lost to those nasty Frogs and I might wear shorts to school tomorrow.

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