Sunday, 10 July 2016

Nutmeg and Mace

sainsburys farlington cafe serviceFollowing the victorious breakfast last week, I allowed myself to be driven to the supermarket where I bought some headphones and some breakfast. I have successfully sold the idea of headphones as it means I can still watch the Americans having trouble on Minecraft, but nobody else will be able to hear the mindless jabbering. This somewhat misses the point, but what do I care.
ancient sewing machine prom queen robesAll children grow up slightly differently, because on 'Take your kid to work day' or similar, they all have out-of-hours access on the sly to different workplaces which may very well be out of bounds for normal humans. So some of my friends may have been to parts of the dockyard that other parents can't reach, whereas I use a getting-in badge to a Nerd factory and get to try on the Year 6 Prom King crown and wave his royal mace around, because Jof helps out at the school.
Jof was detailed to provide a crown and tiara and flowing robes with ermine edge bits and stuff, but the elderly sewing machine is from another time, another life and possibly another dimension. It wouldn't work for Jof, and the Prom Queen will have to go robeless.
Really couldn't be bothered to watch the euro football final, with its nutmegs and over-emotional players.

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