Friday, 1 July 2016

Norbert Dingbat, and Being Average

rubbish dog funny failAn epic day at school in which we had lots of fun. Remember this, for it shall be important later.
We did our Stop-motion animation again and because my group were so far ahead, we got spare time in which to play online games such as Creeper. During this period one of my colleagues hacked another teams' animation project and inserted a write-protected slide saying 'Everybody poo now' or similar which of course boogied up their slideshow when they showed it to the teacher.
Then while they were trying to delete the offending slide, I hacked into someone else's and inserted a read-only slide that made Muhammad Ali declare that he enjoyed smoking! No cremation jokes, please.
Anyway, it was Friday so I danced and quacked the whole way home and I chose the numbers for and bought a lottery ticket because I want to move to that nice riverside mansion in Bray, right by the cricket pitch, 35 minutes into London for my acting career, and with its own boathouse so I can row my own 9 foot fibreglass dinghy up and down the Thames like Bud did 30 years ago.
vicarage road bray maidenhead berkshireThen we discovered I'd been wearing my pants inside out all day, a bit like Superman, so he called me a Norbert, and my school report says I'll be in 6B next year. I am worried about this, because B has a reputation for actually wanting kids to learn so you get much less time for messing around. And I am absolutely average in every aspect of my report card apart from computing, where I'm a boss.
On this day last year, the temperature was in the mid 30s and us chaps were in the sea getting sandy crevices. Today it was rainy and rubbish. But Wales did win the football.

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