Monday, 11 July 2016

Peaks and Troughs: a Transformation in Progress

dumb criminal funny arrest pictureSo, as per info gained from our puberty lessons, some of us are starting to feel the first ripples of the Hokusai Great Hormonal Wave of Kanagawa. It turned out that the enemy I made in anger last week was just a friend I hadn't forgiven yet, so we walked to school together talking about Minecraft and didn't get knocked down by any cars at all.
show and tell at scout meeting
My class lost heavily to the class next door at rounders because all my lot were in groups babbling instead of spread out over the playground fielding and catching, well that's my excuse anyway. Speaking of sore sporting losers, the moth that landed on 'Crying' Cristiano last night now apparently has over 60 Twitter accounts. Lucky he's got 6 legs, with all that typing. In Scouts one of our number did a show'n'tell on Transformerbots.

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