Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Those aren't my Goalposts! And that's not where I left them!

engrish cannibalism failIt was a horrible beginning to the day when I was put in the top maths group and then sent out for not being able to do the work.
I did like the Riddles class in which we learnt that you can indeed rearrange the letters of NEW DOOR to make only one word, and that out of the Green House, the White House and the Red House, only The White House is in the USA (although The Green House is an American nursing home chain, and Jimi Hendrix sang about the Red House) and that the Cowboy rode in on a horse called Tuesday.
children preparing doughnuts for school discoThen the upper school disco began. I helped get the doughnuts ready and was just serving at the massive scrum which was the tuck shop when Jof said I had to stop having fun and go swimming, because I hadn't wanted to attend the disco so didn't have a ticket.
school summer party assembly hall
This did not go down well because I hate swimming, I want to do swimming but just not that one, because I love swimming. So under duress I got changed and picked up all the expensive swimming kit and went down to the pool in silence. Once he'd gone for his run, I got unchanged again and sat in the viewing area watching everyone else doing all that nasty hard work.
When Jof got back (tired after doing the school disco) I renegotiated to go back to easier Friday swimming and promise to try out basketball or karate or something.

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