Friday, 15 July 2016

Ch-ch-ch-changes on Hold

So today was practically the last day of term and I met Oakley-Dokely as usual to walk in with. We have made a sub-contractual flexible arrangement with a third worthy person to join us when our paths cross, but today his alarm didn't go off and he was 40 minutes late. We didn't wait for him.
funny cats fall into swimming poolIn rounders we played the rival team that beat us recently in a return grudge match. We were equal at the end with only me to play, I hit the ball into the library and ran round the pitch to victory and cheers of 'Usain Bolt' from the adoring onlookers. I think that's what they were shouting, we do share some aspects of our physique after all, in that we both have 2 legs.
We had our last 'Changes' lesson (puberty) today, it was questions-from-the-floor time: I asked 7 questions, predominantly about lungs. This means that puberty will have to be suspended for the 6 weeks of the summer holiday until it can re-start in the autumn term.
In other news, Pokémon Go has been released in the UK. I look forward to being able to stumble around finding augmented-reality invisible cartoon characters while falling into hardware glitches such as walls, roads and ponds.

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