Saturday, 9 July 2016

A Traffic Jam that cost more than my House

groundlings theatre parking lotUp in leisurely fashion with a confused Jof and a forgetful Bud. Went to acting early as they wanted people to help out with menial tasks, and that's all we're fit for anyway. We drive past the University and this time there was a queue of 5 cars waiting for directions from the Helpful Man in Purple™. In order, they were: Range Rover. BMW open-top. Range Rover. Porsche 4x4. Range Rover. 3 of them had personalised number-plates with 4 digits or fewer, and all of them were shiny.
I helped destroy some old sets using a metal rod I found and we loaded up the car with bits of wood for the tip. I did do some acting but later in the lesson it was Dance Like Beyoncé with strutting, twerking, shaking that booty, sassing, and I had no part in it, because I really don't feel comfortable with that kind of dance.
port solent amenity household waste recycling facilityBy now the car had been emptied and reloaded so I went to the tip too and threw wood into the giant bins and that was kind of cathartic after having to watch all those girls twerk and sass and we had a look around the little shop of all the things they save from the tip and gosh, don't a lot of people give up golf and throw away their sticks.
In the afternoon the others went for a nice quiet sleep like the geriatrics they are so I got a marathon Minecraft session, hurrah.
Film Night: Die Hard (again).

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