Saturday, 2 July 2016

The Depenistration of Prague

junk pile groundlings theatre portsmouthStarted with an hour of watching the surprised Americans on Youtube. They video themselves playing Minecraft and always seem surprised and disoriented by the zombie villagers and ender-skeletons and all the other things they meet.
Eventually a Sydney was delivered unto us and we drove to Acting. I play Simba, Zazu and Mufasa but not all at the same time, or I would have to tell myself that I am my own son in a pivotal transition scene. It is a small theatre with strong community spirit and they rely heavily on volunteers to keep it going. So we volunteered to take some of their old destroyed sets to the tip, and took 3 rusty chairs and a severely whiffy tarpaulin as a down-payment.
boys picking each others nosesIn the afternoon I had secured myself a visit from best-bud Ben so we played Minecraft and set up a massive archery target. I stood behind it and he tried to shoot me in the head, with some success.
Later, we used a Greek Mythology world and shot the willy off the Colossus of Rhodes and used TNT to blow up some of their most historic buildings.
These are the giant foam hands from the cricket match last week, which I missed due to being 7 foot underwater on a Scout Camp Hike. They're quite good for nose-picking, so we gave each other a high five and then high ones (finger only).

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