Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Differently Normal

Left the house on my own and didn't come back for ages. My class walked to the girls' school and looked at their art exhibition.
5 dollars love you long timeOne was a picture of a forest but the artist had scuffed chalk in a particular pattern so from far enough away, a ghostly figure emerged from the trees. There was one of all the Doctor Whos, and one of a lion, although he wasn't rampant. More couchant.
I liked the only 3D one which was a severed head, not from Highlander the Movie, but from the Demon Barber of Seville, Sweeney Todd.
We got back just before the rain, which was both intensive and extensive. For 'Open Day' we got all our work out for the lucky parents to examine, neither of mine made it again. This was nothing to do with Bud finding out that his entire company was closing and he has to find a new job. They always need those taxi drivers to take you to the airport, right? Klothni ela Ilmbataar is 'Take me to the airport' in Arabic, I guess we'll hear that a lot.
Anyway, my school report says I'm normal apart from in maths and computers so perhaps I can have a solid career programming robots to do simple tasks, like driving people to the airport. I have chosen the next school I'd like to go to, it's the one with the big stage and the big science labs.

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