Monday, 1 June 2015

Daleks and Desertions

car crashed through wall of DMV funny failToday was the first day back at school after yet another undeserved break so we dressed as animals. It's ok, we were supposed to. Miss M dressed in a leopard print onesie, a garment of which she is inordinately fond, mm.
I was the chameleon and there were quite a few big cats but some people just put on a T-shirt with a crocodile on it or similar. The Thomas Twins had a new baby today (well, their mother did) and he is called Max so we all got sweeties, the chewy-sucky kind, not the crunchy-chokey kind.
During the day, Judas played Chinese whispers through the Klan and as is the way, everyone suddenly betrayed the Klan of Belonging and treacherously sold each other down the river and jumped ship for another, reportedly better Klan.
So the minute I got home, I joined the newer, bigger, better Klan and immediately had to type in GTG, BYE because we had real jobs, instead of moving bits and bytes around Cyberspace.
replacing sink sump drainawayFirst, we raced to the new house to examine the sink which had flooded all over Jof's feet yesterday. We'd taken a sink plunger and I was waving it and being a Dalek when he said it's really the bog plunger, don't go licking it like that so I waved it out of the car window to exterminate pedestrians. Right by the sump was a pipe that didn't go anywhere but was open. We proved it by pouring water down the sink and catching it all again as it piddled out of the open pipe. We are not qualified plumbers but even we thought we had a good chance of fixing it, and I sat there with my sweetie being a happy little sucker.
At the Scout lockup we deposited a giant gazebo tent thing that will be the food tent for the Camp. It is very big indeed. And we both searched the Aladdin's Cave of Disorder for the missing stretchy string but it's fallen down the back or something so we shall just have to be strung up with hemp rope, like everyone else at Tyburn.
scout lockup garage equipment storeIn Big B&Q we found a plastic sink sump contraption like a bizarre implement of intimate feminine hygiene and bought it because it was the only thing to have a terminator to close off the pipe. It worked, and we fixed the sink, hooray. And some investment bankers wanted to know where they could find the chap who owned our house 2 owners and 4 years ago, knowing full well that he's dead. "Gone Away" is not good enough. We gave them the phone number of a local Gypsy who does séances.
Just before Cycling Proficiency in Scouts I developed serious aching leg syndrome and faced the ignominy of walking a bicycle to a bicycle lesson. Then the ibuprofen kicked in and I had a great time. But it is when I'm tired that I ask to give up some of my extra-curricular activities, with no thought about Minecraft, X-box, TV or Youtube, honestly. I think we're all tired.

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