Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Turn and Turnabout

north harris county triple shooting homicide Epic day at school because it's Art Week, or, more accurately, Art 4-Days because we all had a day off yesterday, I hear it's like that when you get a real job, you can just take Mondays off if you don't like them.
So we all swapped places in a school-wide game involving Pampas Grass and a bowl of car keys. We got to go with Miss Richards in Year 6 for the first 2 days and the Year sixes went into our class ... most amusing.
reading a book during household renovation projectThe project is to make a sailboat in honour of Sir Ben Ainslie who won lots of Olympic gold medals and then went to work for the Americans and made them win the Americas Cup, for which he was paid quite a lot.
He then built a massive boathouse right by the Isle of Wight ferry and I'm told that our city is much honoured by him choosing to set up shop here. My class got to make a Catamaran so today we all designed sails and cut out bits of coloured velvet and tomorrow we sew on those velvety patches onto some linen to make the sail. Then for days 3 and 4 we'll make the twin hulls.
As I'm not doing gymnastics due to a fractured finger, we had to paint the Renty house. Well, he painted, I got to read a Roald Dahl book that last night I said I hated, but in a classic young person's choice (read this book or I'll turn the light off) I tried it and loved it. So I voluntarily gave up my tablet with Klash-Of-Klans on it and sat on a deckchair and read for an hour.

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