Sunday, 7 June 2015

My Famous Peanuts

Sunday, so a day of even more slobbing than usual. I went shopping so Jof could tire herself out painting the Renty House, the lounge needs 3 coats to cover up the paint of questionable taste.
Saw Arnold S in Last Action Hero, then finished homework and Minecrafted until Bud watched Arnold S in The 6th Day, I liked the helicopters and thought the clone blanks were gross.
plastic dinosaurs crab boat deep fort
Saturdays used to be bath fizzer nights, but in these last few years I've just not bothered any more and we noticed the large rack of redundant bath toys I used to love. So, to use up the last fizzers, I put one of each size in the bath and got out my dinosaurs and the 100ml veterinary syringe and the potions jug and the yellow spade and the boat, faithful companions all. Then I sang about my famous penis, which is a film I want to star in based on a real book called My Brother's Famous Bottom. The lyrics were lengthy and inventive.
Going downstairs for a last Jof-Cuddle, I noticed Arnold S in True Lies had just started, and you can't miss that.

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