Sunday, 28 June 2015

Wall to Wall Filet Minions

carpetright showroom fratton way portsmouthIn a change to our normal Sunday schedule, we all met in my room at 0900. Things have been speeding out of control at the Renty house so Bud went to paint it while Jof and I went to choose carpets. The smell of cat wee is most resilient so the current carpets have to go.
There were far too many choices, sometimes you just need it to be like LIDL where you get a cheap one and an expensive one and not 37 different makes with swatch books and colour coded charts and options to have it blessed by the Dalai Lama or have a traditional Cherokee Sundance ritual performed on it.
In the end we chose some suitably dull functional carpets and I was reminded of a floorcovering company in Ooo-Arr Land who were caller Walter Wall Carpets.
bob minions cinema advert vue gunwharfBut lashing out loads of money just didn't cut it for me and I got Jof to agree to a cinema trip. Minions is now out and was the talk of the swingpark yesterday. OK, it was very busy in Gunwharf but they have 4 screens and it was starting practically every 15 minutes so it wasn't long before we were getting squashed botties and being deafened by loads of Blatverts (like Blipverts but very loud and blatty) that stretched the very fabric of space-time in their banality and went on for ages.
The film is very funny and the Minions aren't very clever but the good old Queen kicked some butt and drank pints of real ale in a pub, as she so often does.
Afterwards we had food at Frankie and Benny's place and Jof had to send her broccoli back because she doesn't like it raw.

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