Friday, 26 June 2015

Feeling the Fresh air on my Balls

health and safety at work fail funny In PE today we did juggling again. Now, I missed last week's lesson so I am a ball behind everybody else, Grace can juggle 5 balls with impunity but I can only keep 2 balls in the air. Apparently Nanna tried to teach Jof how to handle balls but she never got the hang of it and Bud never played with balls at all.
Personally I reckon that the skill would be another feather in my cap, like doing the Eric Morecambe catching-the-imaginary-object-in-a-paper-bag trick, or doing cartwheels. At supper I threatened to juggle the doughballs.
So, it is the end of another hard week, we all need some rest. Sadly Jof has to work tomorrow and I've got acting, but with luck we'll all sleep soundly.
In other news, the deputy head-teacher of a local school wants to rent our renty house so we'd better finish painting it pronto, possibly with the periodic table on the wall.
kids homework book with scribblesAnd Jof's hard work has been recognised again. She has been awarded a "Most Valuable Person" award and invited to a swanky lunch at a posh hotel in the New Forest, nice to be noticed.
I did my homework early. Bud mentioned in passing that I'd got so much of it wrong I had to do it again, the crossings-out and stuff made it truly illegible...
Recently I asked Grandad if he could make duck noises, he said why, I told him Bud had said 'when Grandad croaks, we'll be rich.'

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