Saturday, 6 June 2015

Deep Fort

iron anchor wanker shipwrights church portseaIn the same way as Bond villains have to have a hideout in a volcano or castle, my Minecraft Computer Core is in a fortified bunker deep underwater. I named it Deep Fort, after Deep Thought, the Earth-sized computer in the Hitchhikers' Guide, itself named after Deep Throat, a film about a young lady with ... a really deep voice.
Acting was at the church again because of another wedding at the theatre, and there were only 5 students and I won the game of Ooops Headmaster I've lost my keys. In the garden of the church is an old anchor, just crying out for a W.
Later they said I had to go outside and soak up the cosmic rays with added exercise, with possible crazy golf.
terraced houses back gardens portsmouthI opted for crabbing in Canoe Lake so we looked in the garage for any like-minded equipment which turned out to be one bright yellow fishing net, length 15 inches, having been cut short by a fatal snap to the third joint. There was also one reel of blue fishing line from Dubai circa 1984 with his initials scratched into the reel, plus an ornamental bead from the Venerable Bead stall in Chichester approx 2003 acting as leger weight, and a crocodile clip as bait-holder. Jof chopped us some bacon and went back to the Renty house to paint more rooms.
Crabbing was sparse with unrequired love from swans and boats and remote-controlled speedboats and mothers of kids with more equipment than us asking for bacon.
We fought off the unwanted invaders and crabbed for crabs from several positions around the lake.
By the time he got bored we'd caught zero crabs, 7 small fish and one shrimp. To be fair, we've never caught a crab, the fish were kinda normal but the shrimp was a first.
We donated our combined catch to a group of grateful younger fisherpeople with less luck even than us and moseyed on back home where Jof told us we'd had a BBQ summons from the JBs.
edgeware road southsea portsmouth gardensThis is a long-running event of significant value to us so off we went with Jof following on behind due to showering after painting in the Renty House.
We battled and played Hide'n'seek and Minecraft and shoot-each-other-in-the-willocks and there was pasta and sausages and all the time, popular beat combo group 'Madness' played at us from Fratton Park football stadium.
There were a couple of huffalo incidents with il Indigno and other magical angry characters but mostly we played successfully to give the poor old adults beer time. I hit the shower a little after 10pm and with a refreshed finger-bandage, was asleep for 1030, possibly. I was of course supposed to have a Deep Fort-related Bath Fizzer night, but there wasn't time.

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