Saturday, 20 June 2015

Not Shy about Coconuts

Following Tuna-pasta for breakfast, I cycled to the theatre for my acting lesson. I am crippled by shyness which leaves me unable to talk above a whisper or show my face in public, and the nice Thespians (from the planet Thesp) are slowly but surely bringing me out of my reinforced shell.
This one was completely different and we learned new ways of expressing ourselves and made up stories about a man from Scotland and some cats destroying a fruit and veg stall.
On the way home I missed the slope on the pavement, fell off my bike and broke one of my 2 bells.
st james field milton mental hospital grounds
Then we cycled to the fair on the field by the Mad Hospital. This annual event is twee and local with many stalls in favour of cat protection, hedgehog rescue and mental health charities.
We toured the field and I spotted many of my school friends and Scout buddies and then we saw the coconut stall, run by my Scout leader. Last year I cracked a coconut and they still talk about it so we both had a go, Bud got one coconut and I got 2.
I stuck 2 stickers on a diorama of a mountain (treasure hunt) and played football with my friends and went on the super-hero bouncy castle with George who was so bouncy we started kicking Spiderman in the willocks and then George had some bounce left over so went and won the sack race.
coconut shy stall run by 5th portsmouth scout group milton st james fair
The fire engine actually left on an emergency call so I had another go at the coconuts and got 2 more, 5 hairy nuts is not a bad haul, he said I still have to eat them all. On the way home I accidentally put my brakes on while thinking about something else and fell off my bike again, crunching my willocks with the handlebar.
Then Ben said come round for a BBQ. Erin was there and we played hide'n'seek on the common, danced to music and made youtube videos. It was all totally epic. We had to walk home and I got to bed at 1252, which was tomorrow!

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