Sunday, 21 June 2015

Wrong Ducking Colour

built in corner cupboardLast night when I went to bed it was today. Today it was still today but it felt more difficult, with a very late start. I got shirty when Jof kept making me do things like go shopping and actually help, so I sulked a bit until pizza was made for me.
Bud painted the renty house because painting is quiet, soothing, and does not require much brain power. So when we enquired about progress, we found he'd put Magnolia in the dining room (deep purple, might need 3 coats) instead of Duck Egg, so we told him off and I destroyed the back step with a pickaxe head and we're all very tired and stupid. These Puddle Barbecues always seem like a good idea, perhaps I'm just getting old.
I spent most of my free time watching Klash-of-Klans comedy channel which is very funny but rude.

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