Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Critical Mass: Too Much Grass

turn it off and turn it back on againA pretty good day at school. Jof accompanied me on a whistle-stop tour of the classrooms and we doled out the little flyers for the Jarbola stall at the upcoming Summer Fayre. Jof is a member of the Friends-of-the-School so she babbles with the committee and spent almost the whole day nagging, sorry, cajoling people into sticking up the flyers and getting involved in the Fayre-type activities.
Some RAF research fellows came to teach us science. They demonstrated a musical instrument based on EM fields that was invented to detect submarines and they lit a gas in a pipe and played music under it so the flame on top wobbled to the beat. I liked Uptown Funk and I definitely heard one of the teachers saying Oh no not funking uptowns again.
Then I heard about yet another new Klash-of-Klans group I want to join, it's one a day now, I can give it up anytime, honest.
So as soon as I got home, that's what I did. You can look up the names of the available Klans and Sam had written down his Klansman name and I looked and looked but his spelling was quite inventive and I think he did it phonetically as opposed to correctly. So I couldn't find it, and I was in a mood.
milton common eastern road portsmouth cycle pathsThen Bud said we have to go and paint more in the Renty house. I did not want to do this. So he said as you're still not doing gymnastics because you broke your finger, let's do a bike ride up to the common to see if we can find those conker trees we planted.
I did not want to do this either, and that's when the Huffalo appeared. The Huffalo is my magical alter-ego who strikes when I am in a huff, bate, strop, sulk, miff or plain old Whinge-a-thon. My bate did not abate.
So I had to go anyway and on the road we met Elizabeth but I did not want to talk. Then we met Owen the Destroyer and Stanley who has an attachment on his bike that acts as a ratchet with pretend exhaust pipe and goes R-r-r-r-r-r when you ride along. Bud said does that not get annoying, and Stanley said funny, that's what my Dad says.
repainting box bedroom message left for future tenants of houseOn the common it was full of grass taller than me and I got lost with the help of the Huffalo and we didn't find any conker trees but got very itchy eyes so went straight to the Renty house, which was what I wanted to do all along, honest.
So I sat facing the wall until I was given a job, which was to remove the radiator so we could paint the bit behind it that you can't see, because of the radiator. So we took it off and painted a special message there, can you see it?
I cheered up after that and Jof got chocolate and that always banishes the Huffalo. We discussed which rooms we need to paint and it looks like all of them.

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