Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Biggest Bath in the World

2 handled steel cauldron and lidToday we played Pink Fluffy Ponies which is basically the hunger games but we weren't allowed to call it that or British Bulldogs so we ended up with PFP.
At camp I got 3 cheers for being an epic wood collector and the gazebo tent blew over in the wind. We actually left 2 large boxes of wood for the next Scout group to visit the site, still wrapped in their plastic sheeting against the weather.
Our cauldron was used twice, for soup and pasta, and Jof came to pick me up so she got a big hug and a tour of the forest. At home I got straight onto Klash-of-Klans and harvested all my elixir and had tired feet. It's good to be home. When I got undressed for a bath I really needed, leaves fell out of my clothes and everything in my laundry bag went for giant boil-wash. I played Cops'n'Crims on Minecraft and ate oodles of noodles. Here's one of me in the cauldron, why not.

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