Thursday, 11 June 2015

Edward Woodward would. Wouldn't he?

cute fluffy fox cub adorable
Today at school we made the boaty sections of our boat projects using Rock-Mod, which seems to be on the same principle as plaster casts for broken limbs, in that it is a rough fibrous mesh impregnated with ucky stuff that can be wrapped around a frame of the desired shape and left to dry, whereupon it hardens.
As soon as we got back we had to load the car and go out, which was a shame as it was totally Nudist Beach weather, and I would rather have been hanging out, wood or no wood. I have a Scout camp coming up and we've been saving wood for the fire. One load into our car-of-decent-size made a dent in the pile so off we trundled through rush-hour traffic to the campsite.
woodland and field in forest of bere hampshireThis site is not an official one, it's somebody's back garden although they have pastures and woodland and a cricket pitch and so forth. We raced up there, parking briefly on the motorway, and carried the wood, cardboard boxes and assorted burnables through the freshly mown field to the campfire behind the second cricket pavilion, which is not in fact on, near or by the cricket pitch. This is when we noticed how much hayfever there was to be had in this country setting, with nary a building to be seen through the deer fence. We had a sneezing and dribbling competition
Piling up the boxes, we used Secret Weapon #1 which was several large plastic bags. We covered the boxes because tomorrow night it's due to thunderstorm merrily and wet cardboard is such a turnoff.
scout campsite fuel supply We had to do a second trip because there was so much wood. For a single track road between Upper Thorsbury and Chorlton-cum-Nodhurst, it certainly seemed full of speeding Range Rovers every time we had to reverse or close the gate etc.
Back in Pompey the road was closed because of a man getting hit by a car, he was getting the oxygen pump. We reloaded and set off again and avoided the hordes of cyclists in spandex go-faster suits that seem to like the Forest of Bere and piled up the second load of wood, covering it successfully, that'll surprise the owner and his dogs if they go walkies in the back garden tonight. Stopping only to ahem water a holly bush, we made our escape.
We were home 3 hours and 10 minutes after leaving and Jof was hot and bothered in the humid weather but I just wanted to get back on the tablet and change Klans to a Klan with even fewer members.

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